Root canal therapy

Root canal treatment - Endodontic treatment

Root canal treatment is necessary when the damage to the tooth is so deep that bacteria enter the so-called pulp and cause tooth death and inflammation.

EuroDent specializes in endodontic treatment without and with the use of a microscope. Thanks to the treatment of the tooth, we do not have to remove it, which affects the comfort of eating and aesthetics.

Endodontics allows you to enjoy the dentition for longer, even in the case of significant cavities.

If the tooth has cavities, the symptoms that indicate an endodontic consultation are:

– tooth soreness and hypersensitivity;
– swelling of the gums;
– tooth darkening;
– weakening of the tooth manifested by its cracking or crushing.

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The course of root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is a process that requires very high accuracy and good eyesight from the dentist, therefore special magnifiers or a microscope are used during treatment. The root canal treatment is preceded by an X-ray to diagnose the condition of the tooth. At EuroDent, endodontic procedures are performed under local anesthesia and are painless. Depending on the tooth and conditions, the procedure may take more than an hour.

After cleaning the tooth, the dentist has to find the canals, clean them with endodontic tools and disinfect them. Then the channels are dried and filled with liquid material, the so-called gutta-percha. After performing these activities, the visible part of the tooth is rebuilt with composite materials or a crown is made to restore the aesthetics and appearance of the natural tooth.

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