Prosthetic dentistry

Prosthetic dentistry

As part of the treatment, EuroDent Dentistry Center performs dental reconstruction – Dentures. Each prosthetic work is preceded by a consultation and taking impressions. The dentures are checked for functional purposes, i.e. correct bite and correlation between the maxilla and the mandible. All of this to ensure that the patient’s comfort is at a natural level.

Partial dentures are made when you can support on the patient’s healthy teeth. The denture fills the missing teeth, providing high aesthetics and comfort of functions.

Complete dentures – used in edentulism. The mapping of the natural appearance ensures an aesthetic appearance and restores chewing functions and improves the articulation of speech.

INLAY / ONLAY – inlays of this type are used to restore tooth hard tissues. High-quality material and perfectly matched color allow you to rebuild the tooth in an invisible way. Performing the procedure requires making impressions and is preceded by tooth treatment, hence the need for two visits.

CROWNS – this method of tooth reconstruction is used after tooth fractures, large cavities, after root canal treatment, after making implants. Sometimes, for aesthetic reasons, a crown is also used to improve the shape of the teeth.

Crown types

– veneered crowns – a porcelain face is made on a base of a special metal alloy

– all-ceramic crowns – they map the tooth enamel in the best way and they do not have a discoloration effect.

– zirconium crowns – these are all-ceramic crowns with very high durability. They do not have a discoloration effect.

Relaxation splints

There are many reasons for the use of relaxation splints, but most often they all lead to the destruction of the dentition through the night-time uncontrolled grinding of the teeth and strong biting. It is influenced by many factors, but the most common is stress. The effect of such phenomena is abrasion or even cracking of teeth. The relaxation splint used at night relaxes the muscles and protects the teeth from abrasion.

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