Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry is a discipline that treats: dental caries, paradontopatii, changes in the mucous membranes of oral cavity, deals with the treatment of children and esthetic dentistry.

Depending on the degree of advancing we distinguish three types of dental carie:
a) initial dental carie- which we can cure very quickly, but if neglected it can quickly develop into a superficial dental carie (including enamel and the superficial layer of dentine),
b) average dental carie- spreaded on a large part of the enamel and dentine,
c) deep dental carie- the patient complains of the sharp, short-term pains caused by cold and hot drinks and food. It requires an appropriate conservative treatment. Not treated it is becoming a direct cause of ailment of dental pulp.

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A very important branch of conservative treatment is an Endodontics (root canal therapy). It is particularly recommended before making the crown or dental bridge, after tooth fracture, or when there is very deep cavity. Root canal therapy should be performed only once, therefore the medical knowledge of dentist and the materials and tools that he uses are very important.

Nowadays, when all of us care about our image we decided to offer our clients professional teeth bleaching. Currently we use a NITE WHITE system – a cherry- or mint-flavored gel. We insert it into the mouth at a special individual spoon, generally at the night. Enamel`s discoloration may be a consequence of smoking cigarettes or pipes, sometimes it is genetically transmitted; in almost every case we can get satisfactory results. Teeth whitening is a safe procedure whose effects keep for a long period.

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