Pantomografic X-ray

Panoramic / Cephalometric X-ray - soon

Modern dentistry is supported by X-ray imaging systems called X-rays. Thanks to the panoramic photos taken at the EuroDent Dentistry Center on a modern digital device, we obtain a complete picture of the condition of the dentition, the foundation of the teeth or the image of the mandibular and temporal joints.

Panoramic imaging is used in the treatment of surface caries, root canal treatment, surgery, extraction of impacted teeth and implantation.

A cephalometric photo is a photo of the craniofacial profile, which in orthodontic treatment reveals malocclusion.

The EuroDent Dental Center uses the FONA Art Plus C digital device. A modern CMOS sensor allows to obtain 4,200 images in a single exposure, which provide an ideal focus setting. With these unique X-ray parameters, Fona uses the minimum dose of radiation, which is even several times lower than in the older generation of devices.

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